Orange Button Community Scheme

On World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS will be launching the Orange Button Community Scheme. Every Life Matters supporting development of the Scheme across the whole of Cumbria.

Join the Orange Button Community on World Suicide Prevention Day!

(And don’t forget to send in photos to us on social media of you proudly wearing your new Button!)

About the Scheme

The Orange Button Community Scheme is a way of identifying people that have undertaken suicide prevention training. That they have the confidence to talk to others about suicide. It is a way of showing others in your community who are having thoughts of suicide, or are worried about somebody else, that you are:

  • Comfortable to say / hear the word suicide
  • Can listen without judgement
  • Can inform people where to find help and support

From World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 we want to begin creating a community of Orange Button wearers across Lancashire & Cumbria. A community who want to challenge the stigma around the word suicide. A community that can listen non-judgementally and be a first step to helping move people towards the information and support they need. It is not a substitute for counselling, mental health support or a crisis service. It is a community scheme made up of members of the public. It is about listening, information giving and signposting.

Wearing the Orange Button…

You can register to receive your Orange Button Badge and Support Pack in the form below. This will be sent to you directly by Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS.

  • The Orange Button is a pin badge, worn on a lanyard or clothing, which can be worn at the owner’s discretion.
  • There is also an optional Orange Button window sticker that can be placed in public facing establishments where people have been trained such as shops, cafés and libraries and so on.
  • The Orange Button is a way to identify you as someone who isn’t afraid of hearing the word suicide (removes stigma)
  • The Orange Button shows others that you can signpost them to appropriate information or support services
  • Wearing the Orange Button is a personal choice – you can wear and remove it whenever you want
  • The Orange Button helps to create a supportive, stigma free, suicide aware community

Registering for your Orange Button

If you have attended;

  • a Half day Suicide Alertness, Half Day Self-harm/Suicide Alertness, ASIST, SafeTALK, Suicide First Aid or MHFA course with us in the last two years and you live in CUMBRIA

you can register for your Orange Button below.

If you are a LANCASHIRE resident please register for your Button through the organisation that provided your training.

Orange Button

A way of identifying people that have undertaken suicide prevention training.

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