Worried about someone?

Are you concerned someone you know is having thoughts of suicide? Many, many people think about suicide at some point in their lifetime – around one in five of us – but the overwhelming majority do not go on to take their own lives.

If you’re worried that someone who may be feeling suicidal it can be really hard to know what to say to them, and how to help. But there is hope, people do recover, and all of us have the ability to recognise and support someone who is experiencing thoughts of suicide, and to save lives. Download our pocket guides Worried about someone and Safety Planning or continue reading to find out more.

Suicidal feelings can vary in intensity. They may be fleeting and occur only once, but for others these thoughts might be there long term, or come and go in response to changing moods or life events.

Thoughts of suicide can happen for many reasons. Someone may feel so low that life seems unbearable. Or they may have suffered a loss or life changing circumstances such as a relationship breakdown, loss of a job or money problems that makes them feel like death is the best solution. The stigma associated with suicide can also mean the person may feel very alone and isolated, and unable to reach out for help.

Trust your gut instincts. If you are at all concerned that someone is having thoughts of suicide – ASK them – And ASK directly. Are you having thoughts of suicide?

Many people contemplating suicide do not let their friends or family know directly how they are feeling – but often there are warning signs that someone may be feeling suicidal – signs we can be alert to. Read on to find out more. Asking directly about thoughts of suicide will not put ideas in someone’s head and the conversation that follows could be a lifesaver.

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