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Promoting Suicide Safer Communities and providing Suicide Bereavement Support across Cumbria

Wellbeing & Mental Health Guide

Covid-19 has now had a far reaching impact on our nations mental health. Its more important than ever that we take positive steps to look after our ourselves, to seek help when we need it, and check-in and support people around us.

Our revised Guide to looking after yourself and others contains practical information about things you can do now to look after your mental health and wellbeing, on how you can support others, and where to find support if you or others need it. Visit our Support Directory to find out more about where you can get help.

Lets keep in touch

Get regular updates about Every Life Matters training, resources and events across Cumbria.

Suicide Prevention Pocket Guides

Download our pocket guides Thinking about Suicide, Safety Planning, Worried about someone or continue reading our pages to find out more.

Look after yourself. Get help early

Its natural to feel a little more stressed or overwhelmed right now. These are really challenging times. Some people may even be having thoughts of suicide. If you are really struggling to cope please reach out for help. There is hope, and you are not alone.

Support Directory

If you are really struggling to cope, or feel overwhelmed by difficult feelings during Covid-19, then reach out for professional help. It’s still available and it’s OK to ask for more support to see you through this difficult time.

Browse our Support Directory for more information about the Support and Services available to you across Cumbria, Nationally and Online.

Self-harm Pocket Guides

As part of our Self-harm Safe Kit we have produced a range of pocket guides aimed at understanding, and finding ways to begin managing, self-harming behaviour.

Self-harm: What you need to know, Self-harm: A guide for parents and carers and Self-harm: Self-harm: Safe Plans We have also produced a guide to Local and National Support

Safety Planning

Many people will have thoughts of suicide – but thinking about suicide does not make it inevitable that you are going to take your own life. A safety plan helps prevent us turning these thoughts into actions.

Safety Plans take a stepped approach. They can help us manage those fleeting thoughts of suicide that emerge at the edge of your mind – through to situations where the desire to die becomes so overwhelming we no longer think we can keep yourself safe. Find out how to create a Safety Plan here.

Focus Group Volunteers Recruitment

Every Life Matters a Cumbrian suicide prevention and suicide bereavement support charity. In summer 2020 we launched our Support After Suicide service for people in Cumbria bereaved and affected by suicide.

We work alongside Cumbria Police, and other local groups to support people in the early weeks and months after a suicide. Find out more about our Support After Suicide service here.

We are now recruiting volunteers with personal experience of bereavement by suicide to help us develop our service further, and improve support for people in Cumbria who have lost a loved one to suicide. Find out more