Practising self care, looking after the children and working from home is a herculean effort. Here’s a few simple ways that you can focus on improving your wellbeing whilst still remaining productive.


The “work” part of home working is really important, ditch that tatty old hoodie and dress as if you are leaving for work. Its also important to have a designated space in your home that you can work from, helping you shift your mind-set into work mode.

Setting clear goals and schedule (include regular breaks)

Getting things done, no matter the interruptions, is a fast track way to helping you feel like you’ve had a productive day. Setting a schedule, with regular leaving the workspace breaks, also signals to those in your home when you are working and when you’re not.

Be flexible with the times you work

It can be hard to focus at home, so be flexible with the time you have available, stop and spend some time with the kids or go for a run. Adapt your working schedule to the way your home runs, there’s no pressure to chain yourself to the computer for 7 hours if you could get more done in bite sized portions.

Get and enjoy the fresh air

Physically taking yourself away from your work space for a 20-30min walk around your estate/village can have huge benefits on your productivity, improve your mood and also help with overall fitness.

Connect with Colleagues

Workmates are a big part of our life. Virtual team meetings, skype chats with your colleagues to talk through ideas or even a simple phone call. All this not only fights back your sense of isolation from the team but helps with self-esteem and cognitive function.

Circles of support

If you are struggling to cope, reach out to you colleagues, or too any support schemes your workplace or union offers. Check in with your workmates and look out for each other. During times of stress it can really help if we stay connected with colleagues and helps combat imposter syndrome and isolation.

Your wellbeing is the key to making your home based working work! So always remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself time to adapt.

Adapting to home based working takes time and its important to remember to be kind to yourself during this period. Maintaining your mental health is the key to making this work, so keep practising self care to give you the best chance of making your homebased work your new normal.

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