It is OK to feel a little anxious right now. These are normal reactions to uncertainty and challenging events.

If things are beginning to feel too much follow our top tips.

Limit your News Coverage

Avoid constantly checking the news – it only makes your anxiety grow stronger. Limit yourself to 30 minutes a day online or particular broadcasts.

Concentrate on Facts

Use reputable sources for news, advice and opinion such as the BBC or ITV. Be cautious of social media coverage. And if in doubt about what you should be doing visit the UK Government page on Covid-19 for the latest information.

Focus on what you can control

We can’t control the Covid-19 crisis but we can control our own responses and behaviours to it. Think ahead, make plans for what you’ll do in the coming days and weeks.

Distract Yourself

Our minds struggle to hold two thoughts at one time. Distract yourself with games, books, movies or other activities.

Connect with Others

Reach out and connect with friends and family, in safe ways. Share your fears or talk about nothing in particular.

Be nice to yourself

Add extra time for stress relief in your day. Treat yourself whenever you need and do things you enjoy, within the limits of existing restrictions.

Create a routine

Try to keep regular sleep and eating patterns. Structure your day and hold on to the change between the week and weekends. Routine is particularly important for helping children cope with anxiety.

Hold on to Hope

Keep the big picture in mind. The crisis will end, and we will get through this.

For more information about looking after yourself check out Your Wellbeing

Top Self-help guides for Managing Anxiety

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For more information about self-help and support available visit our Get Help Pages

Covid-19 has now had a far reaching impact on people right across the world and it’s important during this time to take care of your mind as well as your body.

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Everyone will be reacting in their own way. You might be feeling frustrated or lonely. Concerned about your finances, your health or relatives. And you might be feeling down, worried or anxious. It is OK to feel like this. These are normal reactions to uncertainty and to challenging events.

Covid-19 has also impacted on many of the normal coping strategies we use to deal with stress, and on the everyday activity that underpins our emotional wellbeing. During this time, we may need to be more creative and thoughtful about how we look after ourselves.

Our Guide to looking after yourself and others contains practical information about things you can do now to look after your mental health and wellbeing, and how you can support others.

Check out the Covid-19 pages for more information and links to help and support

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