Bereaved by Suicide?

Suicide is a unique loss. It has been decsribed as the most difficult and lonely experiences a person can have, being left with an overwhelming jumble of feelings and thoughts.

People may make assumptions that only close family grieve – however many people can be affected. You may be the close friend of the person, a work colleague, or maybe you have been professionally involved in helping before or after the person died.

Grief is as unique as you are, and as individual as a fingerprint. Each person will be affected in his or her own way because everyone is different – even in the same family.

Each had their own relationship with the person who has died, their own experience of other losses and differing levels of support available.

Read on to find out what support is out there.

Support Guides

Help is at Hand provides people affected by suicide with both practical information and emotional support.

People who have been bereaved by suicide have used their experiences to lead development of this excellent support guide to help others affected by someone taking their own life.

Finding the Words will make you feel more comfortable about reaching out to someone bereaved by suicide.

Few people like to talk about death, and many of us feel awkward around someone who has been bereaved by suicide, even if they’re a good friend or close colleague. We want to help, but worry about saying the wrong thing. Sometimes we can put off contacting them, and before long it may seem too late to say anything at all.

Helpline Support

SOBS UK – Call 0300 111 5065 – 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday 0300 111 5065


Samaritans – Call 116 123 – There round the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Local Support

Child Bereavement UK

Offering bereavement support to children and young people bereaved by suicide in Cumbria. National helpline: 0800 0288840. Cumbria: 01539 628 311

Cruse Cumbria

One-to-one listening support for people bereaved by suicide in Cumbria. Local Help Line: 0300 6003434

SBS Suicide Bereavement Support Cumbria

Peer support and group meetings in Cumbria for those bereaved by the suicide of a close relative or friend. Contact John on 0757 297 5721 or Karan on 0789 670 3757 (formerly SOBS Cumbria)

Coroners Court Support Service

Provide practical and emotional support to families bereaved by suicide at a coroners’ court. Helpline 0300 1112141 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm

Support after Suicide

Providing information and support following a suicide including the ‘Help is at Hand’ and ‘Finding the Words’


Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide – Information, guidance and National Helpline 0300 1115065

Every Life Matters

Launching countywide one-to-one suicide bereavement support from summer 2020

Useful Websites

Support After Suicide – Iinformation and guidance online and details of support services across the UK.

Survivors of Bereavment by Suicide – Helpline, information/guidance online and support group network.

Thinking about suicide?

Having thoughts of suicide? Worried about keeping yourself safe? Take action now.

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Worried about someone?

Supporting someone at risk of suicide? Concerned about someones wellbeing?

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Bereaved by suicide?

Information and guidance for people bereaved by suicide and those supporting them.

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